Goat & Pygmy Goat Show at
Trim Haymaking Festival

Get Your Goat Up!

This is a delightful part of the day but shir come on now, who doesn’t like a cute goat or pygmy goat show?

Well that’s what we have every year. See their proud owners parade them around hoping they’ll walk away with the much coveted prize.

That's A Fact Jack

Goats can be taught their name and to come when called, ay Billy!

Goats have been herded for thousands of years and contrary to the common view they are actually very picky eaters with extremely sensitive lips which they use to more or less scan food with. It would not be uncommon for a goat to refuse fodder that is not fresh or has been laying around for a period of time. They are not a grazing animal but rather forage for food often ascending to great heights to acquire the forage and some goats have actually been found up trees!  They are known to have outstanding night vision and have four compartments to their stomachs in which various stages of digestion takes place. This is the cause of frequent belching and burps.

Pygmy Goat Show

Entry Details

5 Individual Classes
  1. Best Female Kid
  2. Best Male Kid
  3. Best Goatling
  4. Best Adult Female
  5. Best Adult Buck

Generous Prize Money

We also have other breeds being exhibited at show

Festival Contact: Iris Douglas 085 - 1211247

Entry Fee - €5 / Goat / Class