Founded in 1968 and created as a rural based community development group in Trim, Co. Meath.

The Scurlogstown Gaelic Football Club was formed in 1954. Due mainly to emigration the club was disbanded in 1958. In 1968 with funds from the GFC a committee was formed to run an athletics event & a Festival. An old village was built in the old mill yard & the waterwheel on the mill was restored. Being an Olympic year the name Scurlogstown Olympiad was agreed on & a major festival was held this old village for the next couple of years,featuring the Dubliner’s, Gay Byrne & many top names.

1991 saw the revival of Scurlogstown Olympiad, with a week-long festival the highlight of which was The Aonach Mor on the streets of Trim. We eventually had to leave the urban streets (like all fairs). We moved to Porchfield in 1999. From the year 2001 the Scurlogstown Olympiad Haymaking Festival in Porchfield Trim has grown to be a major event.

Scurlogstown Olympiad is unique in that it is a participation as well as a spectator Festival. There are competition & events to cater for all ages.