Vintage Machinery Show
In Trim Co. Meath

Massey Ferguson 35 Gold Belly and the likes

The vintage farm machinery show is always a crowd puller and is a part of what makes Trim Hay Making Festival very special.

We have a wide variety of machinery on show all lovingly restored to their former glory.


Our farming forefathers knew exactly when the hay was ready to be put into storage, not only by season but by the feel of hay to the fingertips. With the advancement of the industrial revolution came ever more modern ways to bring in the hay and crops.

Before the era of machinery farmers would plough their fields by horse and wooden ploughs. The wood did not last long ripping through the ground and soil and it wasn’t until blacksmiths started to mould thin iron onto the plough ends did the strength of the plough improve. It was only when iron could be cast and shaped with moving parts and attachments did tilling and ploughing become truly revolutionised.

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Working Farm Animals

With the ongoing advancement of technology and its integration into almost every aspect of our lives it is easy to forget the ways in which we used to live and work.

Every year we show how working farm animals were so important to our fathers great and grand.

The Early People

In past times farmers would have to work the fields by hand or by horse drawn equipment. The work load involved would have been extremely time consuming which generally meant that farms would be small in size.

Horses were not very fast and the farmer would often have to rest the animal and keep it hydrated and fed, which in itself would cost a huge amount of time.

At the time of the Industrial Revolution, the invention of the combustion engine and eventually, its integration into farming; the early ways & practises started to disappear.

With little doubt that in that we are now in the middle of a second Industrial Revolution as technology is dominating so many areas of farming, Scurlogstown Olympiad now ‘more than ever’ strive to keep intact the heritage and memories of our forefathers and ancestors.