The 7 Arch Bridge

7 Arch Bridge

Constructed in the late 17th or early 18th century, the 7 Arch Bridge is a curious and easily overlooked piece of our industrial heritage. Serving as a pack-horse bridge for carriage of aggregate from Bearmount Quarry to Trim, it consists of a narrow causeway formed by the arches. The IGS grant supported the structural repair and repointing of six of the seven arches, a project championed by Scurlogstown Olympiad, a local community organisation.

To listen to the Award Winning Podcast on the 7 arch bridge you can do so  by clicking here 

We would like to thank The Georgian Society, The Heritage Council and Meath County Council for all their support for the restoration of this 7 Arch Bridge. 

More photos and information to follow as we are still in the process of building the website.